welcome to my blog ... it's a new thing for me

hi, i'm just discovering the joys of having a blog, somewhere to share my thoughts on the journey, a place to meet good folk of like-heart .. may your path be filled with joy and laughter, peace and harmony, discoveries and self-empowerment ... blessings

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

my adventure deeper in the love peace and joy that is Munay-Ki is about to begin

its been sooooo long since i visited my blog site ... so much has happened in that amazing interval ... i feel like i have shed a 1000 skins and am emerging into ... well .. me but me in such a different light and energy to what i have felt before ... to new awareness and ways of being, with less emotional woundings and a willingness to get down deep and dirty when needs be to allow myself to cherish all of myself, rather than judging my humanity.

this past 18 months feels like an eternity and like a millisecond ... so much has happened from losing my mum last Feb 2012 ... that was huge and i still find myself reaching for the phone to ring her ... now i just use the stargate to heaven to share with her what's going on ... to discovering that the deeper inwards i go the more light shines back to show me the way through the labyrinth and into new adventures ;-) .. meeting new people, undergoing new experiences, and deepening connections with some incredible and powerful wylde women and men along the way ..

2012 was a huge crack up and watershed, yet it was so wonderful rich and empoweringly liberating too ... through the tears came the rainbows and thunders, the laughter and the ceremonies ...

and here we are in 2013 and i am about to go deeper and wider into the Rainbow Labyrinth as i travel to Peru to meet and work with Inka Shamen to Deepen the wonderful Munay-ki Rites that i finally received via the amazing Victoria and David Webby in July 2013. it was a case of instant recognition for me that here, after years of asking then letting go, were my  Munay-ki teachers ... they are such a beautiful, humble and heart-centred couple and the star sista connection i share with Victoria is gorgeous, uplifting and empowering ... i am so very grateful to have met them ... and through them other wylde wonderful women including Tamara and Robyn who i get to share giving the Rites with on a regular basis.

on Monday 22nd April i begin the steps ... well i guess really the journey began long long ago in my childhood dreams to visit sacred places and peoples all over this most amazing Mother Earth  ... to wing my way to Peru ... and like the beautiful hummingbird ~ who is gatekeeper in the North on the Munay-ki Medicine Wheel ~ i will be piggy-backing via the wings of an aeroplane journey that kangaroo hops from Brisbane to Sydney, Sydney to Auckland, Auckland to Santiago in Chile, then Santiago to first Lima then Cusco in Peru .. then by taxi to Pisac .. in the sacred valley.

i am excited, nervous [yep those butterflies are fluttering] and so so happy to be going at long last ... and i am allowing the journey to unfold in good ways so that i can simply enjoy myself and be present to what is happening  moment to moment .. 

i am really really grateful also to have some wonderful sisters in Rainbow Labyrinth Medicine Hoop who are also 'holding' me in sacred space whilst i trekk across the globe ... thank you to Jacqui, Nina, Jo and Judi ... we have shared some deep magical beautiful journeys and now another begins ... 

so to each of you who follows this post .. thank you ... its great to meet with you here .. i will post photos and updates where and when i can ... i will have wifi access in Peru and in the various airports ... so if we are friends on facebook ... 'watch that space' ... 

blessings in Munay .. from my heart to yours Lynn