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Thursday, September 23, 2010

You are so beautiful .... can't you see ...

Full Moon blessings and Equinox mystical balancing to you ... whomever you are, wherever you are 

... at this most wonderful time of sacredness when we celebrate equal day/night, inner/outer wisdom, a time of great connectivity to all may your path be one of love, peace, joy, gratitude and harmony ... walking in balance along the Beauty Way of Mother Earth ...

as i stood in the shower this morning i found myself spontaneously singing to myself ... from my deepest soul to my outer self: 

'you are so beautiful to me .. can't you see ... you're everything i hoped for, you're everything i dreamed'  

.. and i started to cry from deep within my heart because for the first time ever, i truly sang to me .. to myself .. and to my beautiful woman's body in all her majesty, complete with her middle-aged woman's extra weight, rolls and soft spots .. and i could see that she is, i am, beautiful ... even so ... i had tears rolling down my face and i felt very humbly grateful inside as i realised that i have finally accepted myself just as i am now and i am beautiful and i am woman and i am shining just as i am now: 

i am the good, the bad, the ugly and yes .. that which is hardest of all to own: beautiful!!

why does it take so long for us to honour this deep deep beauty this light within us??? why is it so hard at times to remember that we are so much more than that outer 'vision' or aspect of our true selves?

for me it was because i wasn't honouring loving and accepting every little particle of me, i was too scared to allow my inner divine lovelight to shine .. and i am only now in the past few years truly deeply honouring and recognising this and therefore honouring and recognising all of me

which has included owning all .. every little last bit .. that is human - and knowing that it's okay to be human, to be 'real' and not run from this

as i am allowing my lovelight to shine, i am enJOYing my life more and more as i am doing what i love best, and what the universe has been nudging me into: sharing from my heart, teaching and healing from my heart, following my own inner guidance and radar alert system, honouring Mother Earth and walking the path of Star-Shaman-Priestess

and as i look out my window now, look out to this brand new day out there .. this beautiful Spring Equinox and Full Moon day i can see and experience that i have created and am living my dream NOW ... and it is beautiful and a reflection of me and i am worthy of this

so i invite you now to get up and go look at yourself in the mirror .... really look at YOU .. and see what i see as i look at you ...



go on, take a look  

... SEE ... 

you are a most beautiful child of the Universe 

namaste, Lynn ~ Rainbow Starfire/Dream Dancer

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  1. your post is lovely.
    I need to find that beauty in myself also. Some days I can almost see it and others it's impossible for me to find. That is my goal for the rest of this year and my life..to see what others do. Lots of healing work for myself :)
    Blessed Be